About Port Barna

How was Port Barna “Born”?

Port Barna is really a dream come true for Master Chef Pablo Bouquet. He was collecting information and creating an outlined menu for a long time, so he would have all the elements in order when the time came… and the right time came. Timing in life is everything. After Chef Pablo returned from a trip touring Europe, his vision was clear. NOW is the time to bring Port Barna restaurant to his friends & neighbors!

Every detail, from the menu selections to the interior & outside decor, everything has chosen to go into Port Barna, has Chef Pablo’s touch. Enjoying a meal at Port Barna is not just to seat and eat, it is to be an opportunity to take a trip to different places. The restaurant has a neat selection of historic and vintage pieces decorating it, adding to an environment of relaxing world travels.

The Port Barna development team decided to have natural plants both inside and outside the restaurant, creating a healthy, “fresh air” space.

Lastly, where did the name “Port Barna” come from?

The name came to Chef Pablo when he was in Barcelona, Spain. Chef Pablo was very taken by Barcelona & he learned that people from Barcelona call their city, “BARNA”… and with his love for Barna, the name “Port Barna” was born. Please come in & enjoy all that Chef Pablo Boquet & Port Barna has to offer. Your world-class journey will be a memorable one!


Port Barna

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